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RHADIUM aims to provide superior care for your vehicle, keeping the exterior and interior durable and with a glossy finish.

Vehicles are prone to dust, dirt and liquid stains, despite the amount of washing and waxing done. We took it upon ourselves to search for the best solution that is environmentally friendly and also safe for consumers. The result: sourcing for the best products from Japan to produce the ultimate coating experience.

RHADIUM Ceramic Coating is a unique mixture of ceramic and glass silica coating that hardens in contact with air, giving the surface a smooth and protective layer. It’s made of 9H hardness – the toughest one in the market. It also contains self-cleaning, scratch resistant and anti-water spotting properties.

With proper maintenance, RHADIUM Ceramic Coating can last for years to come. Maximize the value of your vehicle by investing in the best protection available that’s powered by Raytech Films.