Benefits of Coating

Why coat our vehicles?

The answer may differ according to individuals but we believe that the main purpose of coating is to give your vehicle a protective layer which protects the original paint, while giving a glossy and shiny finish.

There are a variety of coating materials in the market. Most common ones being polish, wax and sealant. Unfortunately, these coatings will only last from several weeks to a year at most. It may give your vehicle a shinny new look but it does not contain the right properties for the best coating protection and sleekness.

Why should we coat our vehicles with RHADIUM Ceramic Coating?

RHADIUM Ceramic Coating is a mixture of ceramic and glass silica coating that hardens in contact with air, which gives your vehicle’s surface a protective layer. With this coating, your vehicle will be protected from basic impurities and contamination. Besides, it’s made of 9H hardness – the toughest one in the market, with scratch resistant property.

Environmental pollutants such as dust, dirt and animal droppings will still pool on top of the surface but thanks to RHADIUM Ceramic Coating’s self-cleaning properties, it will be easier to wash off. With increased anti water spotting and hydrophobic properties, the pollutants will be encapsulated in the water and roll off the surface. This coating also contains scratch resistant properties which gives your car the ideal protection. With RHADIUM Ceramic Coating, your vehicle’s glossy outlook is preserved and protected as long as 3-8 years, depending on the package that you opt for.

Unlike other coatings, RHADIUM Ceramic Coating promises long-lasting protection if properly taken care of. We advise regular washing and visiting us once every 1-2 years for coat reconditioning.

9H Hardness

UV Protection

Shield Against Industrial Fallout

Prevent Weather Erosion

Shiny & Glossy

Water Repellent

Anti Graffiti

Permanent Protection

Reduce Scratches