Coats your vehicle’s interior or exterior with a layer of Rhadium Ceramic Coating – giving your vehicle the ultimate protection it deserves, leaving it slick and glossy.

Once cured, Rhadium Ceramic Coating forms a glass shield with 9H hardness – the hardest in the market with anti-scratches property, protecting your vehicle’s original car paint.

Scope of service

  1. Wash and Clean – Deep cleansing, preparing your car
  2. Polish
    • Remove stubborn dirt and other environmental pollutants
    • Cut upper clear coat
    • Cut deeper clear coat
    • Make surface shiny and glossy
  3. Apply Ceramic and Glass Silica Coating – Rhadium Ceramic Coating

Full Body Kit Coating

Additional services include coating for windscreen, door cups, steering, rims. Headlamps, plastic trims and leather/fabric.

Best Results

Keep your vehicle’s surface in superior condition for years to come by washing regularly. Please avoid any form of waxing or polishing. By doing so, you might corrode Rhadium’s Ceramic Coating and decrease the lifespan of your coating.